Computer Network and Hardware Design and Installation

Safe Haven Computers knows how to design and build customized technological solutions for small businesses. We work with business owners to determine their needs and create reliable hardware with compatible software able to support a protected network.

A network you can rely on

Our expert technicians keep best practices and your business’ security in mind as they design and install your company’s network. When you work with us, we plan your wired and wireless network infrastructure for maximum efficiency, install the cabling to make it all run, configure routers, switches and firewalls, setup desktop, laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones, set up VPN and remote access, and provide backup and disaster recovery solutions. We keep your data and your office safe from threats by building local security services.

We also offer multi-office and remote connectivity services, including cloud services, for companies with more than one location. You work hard to run a successful business, and ensuring its smooth operation is our number one priority.

Hardware for your office

We may not be able to make you an exact replica of the Deathstar, but we do build excellent laptops and desktops to specification. Tell us what you want and we’ll create performance-minded hardware using high-quality parts we know you can trust to keep your business up and running. Our staff will also install all hardware in your office and repair equipment onsite or at our store.

Clear communication channels

Open communication channels with your customers, partners and vendors are vital for smooth and consistent business productivity. Safe Haven Computers facilitates this fluid communication by taking care of your phone, email and mobile needs so you always know what is going on with your business.

Contact Safe Haven Computers

Safe Haven Computers designs and installs customized technological solutions for small businesses. Call 908-252-1940 or fill in our online contact form to speak to one of our team about your network or hardware needs.