Help Desk Support

Whether you run a construction company or a doctor’s office, your primary goals are to serve your clients and to protect your bottom line. You shouldn’t have to worry about how fast (or slow) your network is or whether your computers have reliable hardware — and that’s where Safe Haven Computers comes in. Our employees have many years of experience building IT solutions and solving problems for companies in New Jersey, New York and eastern Pennsylvania.

When you need technology-related support, our team is there for you. If your problem is simple, we can answer your help desk calls and diagnose software issues over the phone. We can also remote in to your network from anywhere, or we can take care of more complex jobs from our office. Our traveling technicians can come to your office for hardware repairs, network upgrades and any other tech issues that may arise. Safe Haven Computers is IT support and troubleshooting when you need it, and peace of mind at all times!

Contact Safe Haven Computers

Safe Haven Computers is the small business other small businesses count on for reliable support. For IT services on the go, call 908-252-1940 or fill in our online contact form. We’re always happy to meet new clients and serve existing ones!