Cloud Services

A lot of people have a vague understanding of cloud services, but if you’re unsure of what the cloud actually is, you are not alone. In essence, the cloud is storage available on the Internet through servers that reside elsewhere. For small business owners, it means your office isn’t cluttered with the techy equipment your company needs to operate on a daily basis. It gives you faster remote access to your business assets, the ability to back up data and business intelligence, and more.

What we do

Safe Haven Computers can answer any questions you have about cloud services. Our goal is to help your business run more efficiently and effectively by offering safe, secure cloud space. We provide basic backup solutions that can achieve this for you. We can also set up a hosted exchange so your email is hosted on a cloud server, not a physical machine. Our other services include mail filtering and continuity so you have uninterrupted access to your mail even if your mail service is down, and mail encryption to protect you from spam.

If you’re a worrywart — or if you just believe it’s best to always be prepared — we can provide complete backup and disaster recovery for when Murphy’s Law strikes. We can also set up virtual machines so you do not have to rely on office computers to get work done.

Whether you simply want to back up your business assets on the cloud for safekeeping or set up a more personalized, comprehensive system, one of our employees can help you.

Google Apps for Business

In addition to the customized solutions Safe Haven Computers has available, we also partner with Google to sell Google Apps for Business on the cloud. Google Apps allows you to store email and a wide variety of documents in a secure environment you can connect to from anywhere. If you are unsure whether you want their basic product or Google Apps for Business with Vault, we’ll make sure you get the product that best fits your needs. We’ll also train you on how to use Google Apps, assist with data management and provide support when you need it. Ask one of our associates for additional information if you are interested in learning more.

Contact Safe Haven Computers

Safe Haven Computers can help protect your business assets and make valuable information accessible from your office, your home or the road. To speak to a member of our team about we can do for you, call 908-252-1940 or fill in our online contact form.