Photo of Frank Senkawicz

Steve Merzena

Senior Network Technician

Number of years as a computer geek: 33

Favorite thing about working with computers: Being witness to the advancement of our future robotic overlords

Mac or PC: PC. In case there is any doubt, I reiterate: PC. Macs were revolutionary — in 1984. Get over yourselves Mac people — you’re running on the same hardware PCs are now.

iPhone or droid: Droid. iPhones are nice too — but overpriced and too small a screen.

First computer game: A Pong-like clone: we were so poor that my parents couldn’t afford Pong.

First computer: TRS-80 Color Computer

Favorite food: Scallops. Filet mignon and bearnaise. Alright, actually Iridium Nucear energy Cels and Snacks.

Least favorite food: Dimetal polyethylene hydrochloride. And liver.

Coffee or Red Bull: Coffee. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Bonta Microlot from Counter Culture Coffee. Almost a drug.

Most important piece of a computer: The data. Except when our overlords rise against us, and make us zombie slaves. Then I would target their Microcrystal Xenoarchitectural Randomizer. Just saying.

Fun fact about you: I am an android come from the future after stumbling into a time machine.

Favorite hobby: Computers, anime, science fiction, any good drama (written or television or movies)