Photo of Frank Senkewicz

Frank Senkewicz

Chief Engineer

Number of years as a computer geek: 35+

Favorite thing about working with computers: Solving problems and knowing there is always a solution.

Mac or PC: Macs are PCs, just more expensive and less logical.

iPhone or droid: Droid

First computer game: Star Trek (text based) on a teletype terminal off of a Dec PDP-8 

First computer: That I personally owned, an IBM XT Clone with DUAL floppy drives!

Favorite food: Toss up, it is hard to pass up thin crispy crust Margherita pizza or a delicious Kelly’s Tavern (Belmar, NJ) Rueben sandwich.

Least favorite food: Liver

Coffee or Red Bull: Irish Breakfast Tea or Scotch

Most important piece of a computer: The piece between the keyboard/mouse and monitor.

Fun fact about you: I played the accordion as a youth.

Favorite hobby: Playing ice hockey.