About Safe Haven Computers

Safe Haven Computers was founded in 1998 in Raritan, New Jersey with one simple mission: to help small businesses with their technology-related needs. A computer aficionado since the 1970s, Frank Senkewicz knew many small businesses needed assistance that just wasn’t readily available to them in the way it was for individuals — who could go to computer stores for assistance —  and corporations — which had their own IT departments. He decided to create a company where knowledgeable computer technicians would travel to businesses in need of assistance with getting the hardware they needed, building secure networks, ensuring their business’ safety and ability to operate smoothly on a daily basis. In short, he created an IT team on the go.

Our philosophy

At Safe Haven Computers, we believe in shaking hands with business owners and talking about their technological needs when it comes to supporting their most valuable asset: their employees. Our goal is to provide leading edge technology products that can reliably meet your short and long-term needs so you can run your business to the best of its ability. We also pay attention to your budget to ensure you stay within your price range.

We believe that there is always a solution to every problem or obstacle, and we are here to find it for you.

Our team

We value all of our professional relationships, including those with our own employees. Our people make Safe Haven Computers great — we work hard to ensure your office or home is equipped with everything you need to run your business, safely connect with the internet, protect your digital assets, or even simply play your favorite computer game. Whether you get to know our team through our website or in person, you’ll see we genuinely have your best interests at heart.

Contact Safe Haven Computers

Whether you are a business owner interested in network services or an individual with a broken laptop, Safe Haven Computers can help you. Fill in our online contact form or call 908-252-1940 to speak with a member of our team.